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About Randy Fiel - Antiques Dealer

My story is about giving the past a future! 

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Antiques are not just items to be bought and sold. They are possessions with a history that need to be understood and preserved. They are about looking back and understanding the past, so we can make sense of the future. This is my story!


My story started as a nine-year boy who hung around yard sales and flea markets looking for ways to make a fast buck. Looking back though, what I saw as buying and selling ‘old stuff’, was for many, a heart wrenching decision to let go of their past, a piece of history that had shaped who they were and what they had become.


With this insight I soon understood the intrinsic value of antiques and possessions with a history that can pass from one owner to the next. I also understood that history has value, and that by understanding and telling a “story” the value of an object increases. Whether antique furniture, artwork, costume jewelry, coins, silver items or chinaware and oriental carpets, my role is to tell the story of your possessions, and in doing so you will realize its true value as it passes on to the next owner.


I started to buy and sell antiques in the 1970s before graduating from Mendenhall School of Auctioneers with a license to auction that enabled me to open ‘Randy's Auction Gallery’. 


Now, with a lifetime of knowledge and experience of antiques, art, glassware, sterling silver and more, Randy’s Auction Gallery provides you, as a buyer or seller of antiques and other items, with an opportunity to pass on a piece of history. I have had the privilege of working with an amazing variety of clients from movie directors, art dealers and interior designers who are furnishing or decorating a whole house, to individuals who are just looking for a unique collectible gift. No matter what their background, they all have a desire to own a piece of history, something that will endure and that can be passed on.


I also assist my clients at a difficult time of their lives, when they have to make challenging financial decisions or need to downsize after bereavement. At these stressful times I provide sensitive advice and pragmatic solutions. This is one reason why Randy’s Auction Gallery attracts people from all walks of life. 


My clients take great comfort knowing that their antiques and possessions are not just objects to be bought and sold. At Randy’s Auction Gallery, we know that our role is to manage the transition of antiques and possessions from your past, to a new future, and that these are your stories.

Randy Fiel, VAAR 000963, Firm # 340

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