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Antique Watch Buyers | Antique Clocks Virginia Beach

We Buy Antique Watches and Clocks 

Modern, Classic, Vintage, or Antiquated...

Call 757-626-1919 or 757-286-1976 (m)

We all have watches and clocks lying in drawers or closets. Some are broken others are working, they may be modern, classic, vintage or antiquated; one thing they all have in common though, is that they have real value.  At Randy’s Auction Gallery we will buy your vintage and antique wrist and pocket watches whether they work or not.


If you discover Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, Rolex and Bulove time pieces we would like to see them and make you an offer. We also buy the full range of broken and working clocks from case clocks (Grandfather and Grandmother), wall, mantel, and shelf to cuckoo and alarm clocks.  


If you think that your timepiece has run out of time, you could be wrong.  At Randy’s Auction Gallery, collectors frequent our sales and auctions and are happy to pay the full value for rare, or top quality timepieces.  But regardless of make and brand call Randy’s Auction Gallery today so that we can arrange to purchase or sell your items on consignment..

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