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Antique Furniture| Local Antique Furniture Buyers

Local Vintage and Antique Furniture Buyers

We Buy Your Vintage and Antique Furniture... Desks, Couches, Sofas, Ottomans, Nightstands, Wardrobes, and Wine Racks.

Call 757-626-1919 or 757-286-1976 (m) for quote!

Are you remodeling a home, moving to a new house or simply organizing to create more space?  Do you have a bookshelf, table, sofa, chest of drawers or armchair that you need to replace?


At Randy’s Auction Gallery we will buy your vintage and antique furniture, including desks, couches, sofas, bureaus, ottomans, nightstands, hat stands, wardrobes and wine racks. At Randy’s Auction Gallery we hold weekly auctions that are attended by staging professionals, interior designers and collectors from Virginia and the Eastern Shore.


We know that antique and vintage furniture whether wooden, leather, metal, glass, or upholstered has value and we pride ourselves in finding your unwanted furniture a new owner and a new lease of life.


If you are in the Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area and would like to book an appointment for us to provide a valuation of the furniture you want to sell, call us at Randy’s Auction Gallery.   

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