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Gold Coins, Gold Jewelry, and Other Collectibles  ...

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“All that glitters ……might be gold!”


Gold is the ultimate precious metal and your gold items are timeless and valuable. The gold jewelry, coins and other collectibles you have in your house all have value, not only because they are made from the most precious metal known to man, but they are also items that could attract the attention of collectors and buyers nationwide. At Randy’s Auction Gallery we know that selling your gold is a decision that you have not taken lightly. 


Randy’s Auction Gallery has over forty years experience of dealing in jewelry, collectible metal coins, and other memorabilia.  We will buy your entire collection of gold coins and jewelry and other collectibles, regardless of karat, grade, rarity and metal percentage. Whether vintage, antique, commemorative or contemporary, your gold coins and jewelry will attract interest from potential buyers.


Since the 1970s our gallery has attracted collectors and buyers nationwide.  We are committed to ensuring our customers get best price for the items brought to us for valuation.

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