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We Buy Antiques and Entire Estates

Antique Dealer and Buyer -Virginia Beach and Norfolk

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We Buy Antiques and Entire Estates 

​We buy entire estates. 

We also buy any of these items: 

  • Silver Coins

  • Gold Coins

  • Sterling Silver

  • Vintage watches and pocket watches (broken or not), wrist watches

  • Clocks: ships clocks, grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks

  • Antique guns, knives, swords, and other military items

  • Antique Furniture

  • Artwork, Paintings, Pottery

  • Costume Jewelry

  • Antique glassware, china & porcelain

  • Zippo lighters

  • Vintage toys

Antique Buyers | Antique Dealers | Tidewater, Virginia Beach
We Buy Gold | Tidewater, Virginia Beach

We Buy Gold

We will purchase entire collections. We are looking for gold coins of any karat, grade, rarity, or metal percentage. We buy and deal in vintage, antique, or commemorative collector’s coins.

We Buy Silver

We buy silver coins of any kind, sterling silver flatware, hollowware, jewelry and accessories.


A piece or an entire collection! In any shape! 


We buy these sterling silver brands and more! 

Alan Adler * Alvin * Anne Bateman * Audubon * Bel Chateau * Buccellati * Carrs of Sheffield * Cartier * Chantilly * Eloquence * Empire * English King * Fairfax * Francis 1 * Georg Jensen * Gorham * Gorham Martele * Grande Baroque * Hester Bateman * International * King Richard * Kirk * Lion * Lunt * Narragansett * Newport Scroll * Old Colonial * Old Georgian Silver * Old Maryland * Old Master * Old Orange Blossom * Paul Storr * Queen Elizabeth * Reed & Barton * Repousse * Repousse Castles * Schofield * Shell & Thread * Shiebler * Shreve Crump & Lowe * Sir Christopher * Stieff * Stieff Rose * Strasbourg * Tara * Tiffany * Torchon * Towle * Unger Brothers * Versailles * Wallace * Woodwind

Silver Buyers Tidewater | Buy Silver| Sterling Silver Flatware Buyers
Antique Watches | Antique Watch Buyers

We Buy Antique Watches and Clocks 

Call 757-286-1976 or 757-626-1919

We buy all kinds of watches and clocks. From vintage mens’ and womens’ wrist watches, pocket watches. 

Clocks such as Ships Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Grandmother Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks

We Buy Antique Guns, Knives, Swords and Military Memorabilia

Antique Guns

If you have antique guns (long guns or pistols) collecting dust, we’re interested in looking at them and perhaps making an offer to buy your vintage firearms. From muskets to WWII service weapons and everything in between, we’re happy to consider them.

Antique Knives & Swords


We also buy antique and vintage knives and swords of all types and classifications.

Antique and Vintage Military Items

Got military memorabilia? We’re interested in that too! Helmets, badges, medals, field gear and all manner of military campaign souvenirs.

Buy Antique Guns | Military Collectibles Buyers
Antique Furniture| Antique Furniture Buyers

We Buy Vintage and Antique Furniture 

We buy vintage and antique furniture from you. We drive all over Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area to look at large furniture pieces at your convenience, by appointment.
We buy a wide variety of antique furniture items regardless of type which may include: Desks * Couches * Sofas * Lounging Chairs * Bureaus * Tables * Bookcases * Chests * Ottomans * Nightstands * Drawers * Hatstands * Cabinets * Wardrobes * Wine Racks * Benches * Chairs * Chaise Lounges * Cupboards * Dressers
Or any other wooden, leather, metal, glass, or otherwise antique or vintage furniture.

We Buy Antique Art and Paintings 

We buy a variety of different artwork. We’re looking to purchase American, Continental, 18th and 19th century art.  It doesn’t matter which type of vintage painting you have, we pride ourselves in looking at your art to determine if this is a purchase we’re interested in.


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We Buy Antiques and Estates: Services
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