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Military Collectibles Buyers | Antique Dealer, Tidewater Virginia Beach

We Buy Antique Guns, Knives, Swords and Military Memorabilia

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Virginia and the Hampton Roads have a rich military history, going back to the founding of our Nation. It is no surprise therefore that there is a growing interest in military collectibles including guns, knives and swords in this region. 


Do you know the true value of the antique gun, sword or military memorabilia given to you by your father or grandfather? Have you any idea how much that old hunting knife or sword you found in the attic is worth?


Randy’s Auction Gallery has over forty years’ expertise and knowledge evaluating antique and vintage weapons from muskets to WWII firearms and war memorabilia including badges, medals, helmets, campaign souvenirs and field equipment.  We also have experts with full knowledge of knife and sword classification.


Don’t let these historic items collect dust, let us find them a new home where they will be part of a collection or will used by historical societies and reenactment groups.  We offer appraisal service so that you can decide whether or not to keep or sell them.  At Randy’s Auction Gallery we pride ourselves in being located in the heart of one of the largest military memorabilia hubs in the country.  


We buy all types and classifications of firearms, knives and memorabilia, so contact us now to arrange a consultation so your military collectibles can have a new lease of life.

Antique Guns, Knives, Swords and Military Memorabilia: Service
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